Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Update

   If motherhood has a "busy season" it would definitely be the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The day to day responsibilities of laundry, cooking, and taxi service are ever present and added to them is the new job of baker, event planner and private shopper begin!  I'm thankful today because the trees in my yard are gorgeous when covered in an inch or two of snow and I am breathing a bit easier as I check items off of my to do list. 
   I am so fortunate to live where I do.  This morning Charlotte and I drove Liam to school and then went to visit my grandparent to drop off presents for Christmas Eve.  I took my gloves and helped my grandpa shovel the driveway and then I was treated to coffee and stories from my young childhood and Christmas at my Aunt Ella's house.  There's something I love about watching my grandma play with Charlotte.  Really my grandma is the best because she is just like a little kid and loves playing with toys and stickers as much as Charlotte does.  There are times when I question our decision to move to Loveland, but mornings like this one always erase those doubts.  My grandparents have always done so much for me and I am happy that as they get older I can do something to bring little bits of joy to their lives.
   I think Christmas always makes me thing about the things that are really important.  All of the Christmas shopping that I do sometimes puts me in a bit of a funk.  There is such a long list of people to shop for and its so hard to find the time to do it.  Bill and I always try to be savers so it is always a bit awkward to go spend so much in a few short weeks.  At those times I try to remember the amazing moments when the kids come down the stairs on Christmas morning and just go crazy with excitement.  My favorite things about Christmas is not the presents.  Its the time and detail put into cookies that are only made once a year.  It is seeing my whole family at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve.  Its the happy conversations that go on as everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief that the preparations are over and the celebrating can begin.  I love all of the classic Christmas cartoons that are only played this time of year.  I spend a lot of time listening to Christmas music in my car and it reminds me of driving in the car with my family after midnight mass.  Sometimes I wish Christmas happened more than once a year, but without all of the gift giving.  I just like having a time of year when the weather is cold outside and the best thing people have to do is crowd into a single house and enjoy each other's company.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Home Improvement Crew

Liam has been insisting that he is too big for Toy Story and Lightning McQueen decals on his walls. He is five and three quarters you know! This week I finally let him choose his color and then I braved the snow Saturday morning to retrieve the paint from Lowe's. This is the first painting that we've done since our move in 5 years ago. I can't believe we've been here that long.

The prep work went quickly because I had such a helpful crew.  Charlotte is fabulous at taping.

Liam was really looking forward to helping us paint.  We were not looking forward to that.  He had to wear his rec-specs all day because he had already broken his wire rims.  I took him to Sam's Club later in the day and they fixed them on site!  Apparently they have a full warranty for one year and Liam is going to make them regret that.  I told the lady we would probably be back in a few weeks.
Five minutes into the actual painting I bribed Charlotte with Netflix and candy to leave us alone.  Liam painted a few streaks and then left us to watch Netflix with Charlotte.
Before long we had a finished product!  Liam is happy with his color and now he wants a Cincinnati Reds Stadium Fathead decal for his wall.  He is going to have to wait a little while for that one!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer Ends and School Begins!

We worked hard to enjoy the last days of summer. We took many trips to the parks and the zoo.

Liam started all day kindergarten this year and is a big kid riding the bus with all the other kids on the street! He is doing great and really loves school.

Charlotte is looking like a big girl these days and loves
shopping with Mommy while Liam is at school.
Pulling these two in a wagon through the zoo is a workout!  I
discovered the perfect way to keep them happy - giant slushies!
Liam was so excited about his very own spray fan!
He's so funny - he had been begging for one for weeks.

Last day of summer at the Zoo!
Last Catholic school festival of the year at St. Elizabeth.
I think Liam is happy that Charlotte is big enough to be his co-pilot.

Liam's First Day of Kindergarten!  When did he get so big?
Charlotte was so mad when the bus left she just kept saying,
"I hate bus!  I hate bus!"  We had to go shopping at Target
to get her to stop crying.  When we pulled in the parking lot
she said, "Yay!  Charlotte buy shoes!"  I couldn't disappoint!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Early Summer

This kids have been especially crazy lately. I think it is the abnormally nice weather. Liam wants to know when the pool is going to open as it is obviously summer. When it is 83 degrees outside it is hard to argue with him.
Liam has been Mr. Science lately. Most days he tells me he is going to be a colossal squid scientist when he grows up. He is always building "machines" these days. It doesn't surprise me as it is in his DNA from both sides of the family.
Liam "working" on his bike.  While I was working on my bike
Liam took an adjustable wrench and removed his own
training wheels.  He then refused to ride it.
Liam posed in front of the tree
and asked me to take his picture,
but could not stop talking while
I took the picture.
A fun lunch at the park near Dad's work.  It
was such a nice day we decided to have
a quick takeout picnic.
We headed up to the Symmes Park to play
with a friend and I just could not keep
them out of the sand.  The are all ready
for our trip to the beach!
Charlotte loves to wear cute
clothes and bows but does
not hesitate to get them all
We had a lot of fun with St. Patrick's Day!
Liam kept telling me that the leprechauns
were going to come to our house and so they
did!  They turned our cinnamon rolls green,
left gold chocolate coins around the house
and peed green in our potty!
Liam's latest machine.  I wish I could describe as well as he can.  It some form of a rocket.
Last week I showed him a youtube video about Rube Goldberg machines and now he
keeps attempting to combine all of his toys into one.  He is a nerd and I love him for it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Working Woman

Charlotte and I took a morning off from the gym. We had a morning meeting at Starbucks. Charlotte had a lot of work to get done.

After our coffee we headed to the library for toddler story time. Charlotte was so excited to see so many other kids. She really enjoyed dancing and clapping. The best part though as playing with the shakers and toys at the end.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Liam has started wearing ties with his T-shirts to school. I need to get that kid some all stars. Here's some random pics of the kids displaying their unique fashion sense.
Liam and his Twister Jersey T-shirt at the Cyclones game.  He had to put it on immediately and it fits perfectly!  I think he will be able to wear it to his first day of college.
Charlotte making a statement in Liam's plaid fedora.  Liam picked this gem out at H&M last year.
Liam insisted on wearing a dress shirt and tie to his friend Kelly's birthday party.  He was very excited about the sunglasses that came in his swag bag.
This is Charlotte's Pat Benatar/Ballerina/Future Olympian look.


Charlotte received a tutu for Christmas!